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Georgia Film Tourism! What’s so special in this?

Georgia Film Tourism! What’s so special in this?

Icon June 24, 2019
Icon By ttluser
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Georgia has recently became the hotspot for film tourism among the industry. From Marvel to Indian Production houses, Georgia has served for mostly all types of scenarios for the fim locations.

Tourism is already a $58.9 billion industry in Georgia, providing employment for 439,000 Georgians. In 2015, Georgia surpassed the 100 million visitor mark for the first time. The recent growth as a movie and television production capital will move that needle even higher.

Shooting of the Film : Black Panther at Georgia
Credits : exploregeorgia
Shooting of the Film : The Walking Dead at Georgia
Credits : exploregeorgia

The Growing Indian Film industry can give a fresh visual experience shooting films in Countries like Georgia and Azerbaijan at a very optimal budget!

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